object_detection_with_tensorflow:使用 google 物体识别的 api 来识别电影里面的物体

使用google 物体识别的api来识别电影里面的物体。目前可以做到每秒30帧。scotthuang1989/object_detection_with_tensorflow

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detect people in a video or from camera.
can choose what detection method we are using.
Project Structure

From google

object label and detecion api
My module

myutil: help function
object_detection_tf.py: main module for detecting object

run following command
python object_detection_tf.py -v /home/scott/Videos/S11E03.mp4

you need replace the video file with your choice
Current Status

on my nvidia 1060 (6GB RAM ), the speed is ~25 frame per second, but gpu utilization is below 30%, I will use multiprocessing to speed up.


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